How Will Wearable Technology Impact Home Security?

Without a doubt we are now living in the age of technology and it seems as though every single day the gadgets we use in our day to day lives are evolving. To find out more about this article please visit: Resources:

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How jail time is determined in South Africa

It is not only the severity of an offence that is taken into account during sentencing. Judges remember that criminals are human beings too‚ so their personal circumstances are taken into account.   To find out more about this website, please click here: Resources:

6 Reasons Why CCTV Security Systems are Vital for Your Business

Do we pay the price of keeping our facilities safe and secure? Do we have a good ROI when we spend our hard earned cash on CCTV monitoring of our facilities? How crucial is it to have our premises covered by a well-designed professionally installed security system? Read the rest of the article here