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Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Once used only in high-end homes and commercial establishments, security cameras are being installed in more homes than ever. Homeowners find themselves considering purchasing cameras not just for security but for a host of reasons that make life a little bit easier. With this advanced technology, you can check up on your pet when you’re at work, see if the delivery person has dropped off a package, confirm that your child is back from school, and many other uses.

Deciding between wired and wireless security cameras is the first major decision. While wired security camera systems predate wireless cameras, they are by no means outdated. Though tricky to install, wired camera systems are still a good purchase due to their solid reliability and off-line capability. Wireless security cameras are simple to set up and generally are inexpensive but do come with a few drawbacks such as the possibility of network failure and tampering.

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