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Choosing the right breed of Dog as part of your Home Security

Choosing the right breed of dog to protect your home

Are you ready to bump up your home security with a dog? Are you stuck on choosing the right breed of dog? Any burglar, even those who say they aren’t afraid of dogs (hint: they really are) will think twice about breaking into a house with a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard. But you don’t need a Rottweiler or Doberman to add security to your home. A Chihuahua isn’t very big or scary looking but it barks and barks and barks and the last thing a burglar wants is something making noise while he’s trying to break in.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking about a dog as part of your home security plan including what you want your dog to do. Learning what types of security dogs are out there is the first step in choosing the right breed of dog for you!

Steps on choosing the right breed of dog

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    Know what a watch dog will do: These four-legged burglar alarms can be any size or breed. As soon as they hear a noise, they go to the spot and bark, alerting you that something is amiss. The bigger the bark, the scarier the dog but even a tiny “yapper” will make a burglar think twice and head to a house without a dog.

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    Get a protection dog if you want it to physically deter to intruder: These dogs have had advanced obedience training and will bark and lunge at an intruder or aggressor but will not actually bite unless it senses you are in imminent danger. Their training is focused on deterring the aggressor, not attacking. A well-trained protection dog will also serve as a watchdog, barking at the first sign of trouble.

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    Get an attack dog if you want it to bite the intruder. Biting is an attack dog’s job. They have been trained to bite aggressively on their master’s command or when their master is assaulted. They will let go only when instructed by its master or if the attacker ceases to present a threat.

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    Be wary of guard dogs. These dogs are trained to kill and represent a danger to everyone in their path. Don’t let anyone sell you a trained guard dog.

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    Consider electronic dogs. This could be the perfect “pet” for people who don’t want or can’t have a dog. An electronic alarm system “barks” when an intruder approaches the house. Even burglars who suspect an electronic dog won’t chance it, particularly if you place a “Beware of Dog” sign on your property. There are no vet bills and no food to buy, but an electronic dog won’t wag its tail when you come home

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    Know your lifestyle and requirement. You should make a list of protection dogs and choose the best as per your requirement and lifestyle. Some guard dogs require a proper yard whereas others do well in apartment. Further, some guard dogs need a lot of exercise to consume their excess energy, whereas others feel good in 15-20 minutes of warm-up in morning and evening. Therefore, if you are a working professional, you might not consider high energy guard dogs.