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ADT Deals & Promotions

ADT Security Systems: Big Deals and Promotions

While keeping your individual needs in mind, we will help you choose the home or commercial security system that best meets YOUR requirements. Western Province Security offers three ADT Security system installation options that are tailor-made to suit your differing home and / or commercial property security needs.

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ADT Security System Deal One – The ADT “Free to use” Alarm system

If you sign the 24 month contract with ADT, you are getting the basic alarm system.

The biggest advantage for the ADT Security customer offered by this option is FREE MAINTENANCE on the basic alarm system and the system is FREE TO USE as long as you remain a client of ADT Security.

Therefore, if something should break on the basic alarm system, we will replace it at no cost to you, the customer.

The monthly residential monitoring fee is R399-00 – (Telephone/ Radio Monitoring + Armed Response).

For the above price you receive:

  • 24/7 Armed Response – Press the panic button on the remote or the panic button on the alarm system’s panel and armed response will react to your emergency ASAP.
  • Panic button to summon Armed Response any time during the night or day.
  • Emergency Fire Response – Press the fire panic button in the event of a fire and the fire brigade will react to your emergency.
  • Medical Emergency Response – Every RESIDENTIAL ADT security client is provided with a 24 hour paramedic/ambulance backup with Euro Assist 911. So if you or anyone on your premises at the time ever has a medical emergency at home, help is on its way and free transport to a hospital of your choice.
  • Meet and Greet Service – This allows you, as an ADT security subscriber, to request an Armed Response officer to escort you into your home. So if you feel vulnerable, we will be there -subject to vehicle availability.
  • The Radio Licence Fee is payable annually.  This ensures that the system can send the signals to ADT – R272.00

Once off yearly extras with the “Free to use” system:

Please note: The paper work for the ADT Security Rental Alarm System takes approximately 2 to 3 working days to be processed.


ADT Security System Deal Two – The ADT “Owned System” option

With this option you as the customer purchase the alarm system outright, and have the choice of signing a contract for Armed Response and monitoring with ADT Security or the Service provider of your choice in your particular area.

We offer a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE on all hardware installed by us under this option.

ADT Security System Deal Three – Link your existing alarm to ADT

Get your FIRST THREE MONTHS of monitoring and armed response FREE when you sign ADT’s standard service agreement.

When linking your existing alarm system to ADT Security you get 24/7 armed response, medical and fire response and more.

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Apart from these alarm system deals we also offer a variety of other Home and Business security products  including Electric Fencing, Spikes, Intercom Systems, Garage Doors, Access Control systems, Alarm systems, Gate and door automation, security beams, security lighting and CCTV Camera systems.