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8 Unexpected Items Burglars Want from Your Yard and How to Secure Them


You probably lock up your house at night but don’t think about securing your grill before you go to bed. Take a look around your property and there’s a good chance you’ll find several items that would catch a bad guy’s eye. The theft of this giant rapture statue proves criminals will run away with just about anything.

From patio furniture to golf carts, these are eight items you might not think to secure and how to make them tricky to steal.
1. Fido

Dogs can be a target for burglars
Most criminals have no conscience; they’ll hop your fence, steal your dog, and sell him for a quick profit. To help prevent the loss of your pet, keep him indoors, especially while you’re away from home. Make sure your pup wears an identification tag and consider having him microchipped so he can be undeniably identified as yours. If your dog is stolen, report him missing on a site like FidoFinder.

2. RVs

Burglars often target RVs
Parking your recreational vehicle in a well-lit place is one of the things you can do to help keep it secure. You should also consider switching out the manufacturer’s locks with stronger, nonstandard locks. For ultimate RV security, install wireless motion activated lights or a wireless security system.

To protect your property while RVing, don’t leave goodies like lawn chairs, coolers, and grills out when they’re not in use. If you do, consider running a cable lock through the items. Finally, close your RV’s curtains so would-be burglars don’t get a peek at the iPad, jewelry, or other desirable items stored inside.

3. Boats

Boats can be a surprising target for burglars
You’ve planned the ultimate day on the water, but wake up and discover your boat vanished. It happens more often than you think. In fact, according to theBoatUS, 10 in 1,000 personal watercraft are stolen every year. Thankfully, you can help protect your boat from theft. The most effective way to do this is to install a security system on the boat, but if this isn’t an option for you, consider installing motion sensor lights that shine on the boat when anyone comes near.

Roughly 90 percent of boats are stolen while they are on the trailer. The suspect simply hitches the trailer to his truck and takes off with the vessel. To help prevent this from happening, put a boot on the trailer tires or use a heavy duty cable to secure the trailer frame to a fixed object, like a tree.

4. Patio Furniture

Secure your patio furniture
Patio furniture is often stolen, as it’s lightweight and easy to sell. One of the best ways to protect your outdoor furniture from theft is by feeding a steel cable and master lock through the furniture legs, just like commercial businesses often do. Also, it’s not a bad idea to place furniture cushions in adeck box and secure it with a padlock.

5. BBQ Grills

BBQ grills are frequently stolen
Protect your grill from thieves by storing it in your garage or a storage shed. If that’s not possible, use a hearty cable lock and an eye bolt to lock in place or a cable that wraps around the patio railing. You can also put up nearby motion detection lights, pointed at the grill.

6. Golf Carts

Golf carts can be a surprising target for burglars
There are a few tried and true ways to keep your golf cart secure. The most fundamental is to not leave the key in it! You can also prevent joy riders and bad guys from taking off with your golf cart by installing a unique key switch, which ensures a generic golf cart key won’t work. You can also outfit your golf cart with a key pad lock. Until the proper code is entered into the pad, the golf cart won’t start.

7. Bikes

Burglars target bikes
The best way to reduce the chance of your bike being stolen is to keep it in your house or a secure garage. If you must keep it outside, secure it to a fixed object using a hardened steel U-lock like the Kryptonite KryptoLok. U-locks are more difficult than traditional locks to cut, and unless the bad guy is equipped with the right tools, his plans to take off with your ride will be thwarted.

8. Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers can be a target for burglars
You should never tempt thieves by leaving the key in your riding lawn mower, but don’t assume securing the key elsewhere means your mower is safe. Many mowers can be started with a generic key, so you’ll need to take additional steps to keep your grass cutting machine out of the bad guy’s hands.

If you can’t store your riding lawn mower in a secure shed or garage, hit the hardware store and buy the most intimidating chain and lock they sell. A chain through the wheel and around the axel of your riding lawn mower works like a boot on a car, making a fast getaway exceedingly difficult.

These tips can make pilfering your property such a hassle that the bad guy moves along to an easier target. To add an extra layer of defense against thieves, compare security systems and find one that can help secure all of your valuables.